With water management there are 2 paths to follow:


Hydrogold provides an accurate analysis of different climate and water management scenarios. This saves you the high cost of over protection while giving you the comfort of mind, knowing that sufficient provision has been made.

A secure water supply also enhances the value of the development. As an Owner, you do not want the problems of water shortages; nor do potential buyers.


The alternative is to guess. You can take the risk or provide the more expensive contingencies to over design.

Hydrogold's water management model allows us to test many scenarios using a mathematical model. It is quicker and cheaper to test mathematical models than to run real life experiments on your projects. The cost of the study could be saved (typically many times over) in the excavation of a small lake or the sale of 1 more block of real estate.


Browse our Sample Water Management Study here...


Bali Golf & Country Club Bali, Indonesia Lake water quality and circulation system.
Belle Mare Plage Resort Mauritius The study covered the integrated water management requirements for a 36-Hole Golf Course, a separate 9-Hole Course, 2 Hotels and Sugar Cane fields. Included the design of an extensive water transfer system stretching over many kilometres consisting of 3 transfer pump stations and a gravity feed line.
Cheju Adonis Golf Course Korea Water management analysis.
Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club Malaysia Coastal golf course water management analysis including evaluation of lake lining cost versus water cost.
Hang Gang Golf Course China Water management analysis.
Ile Aux Cerfs Golf Course Mauritius Environmentally fragile island golf course with preservation of mangrove areas critical to environmental planning. All irrigation water is provided to island from the mainland.
Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club Malaysia Investigation of soil structures and lake lining options.
Karambunai Golf Course Malaysia Golf course water requirements integrated with water theme park.
Lemuria Golf Resort Seychelles Fragile coastal watershed where water levels are critical to preventing sea water intrusion to maintain fresh water supply for golf course and the precious Coco de Mere trees.
Masters Golf & Country Club China Urban golf course drawing water from polluted river.
Nirwana Gardens Resort Bintan, Indonesia Coastal resort development where optimum sizing of lakes for water storage was critical in a freshwater-scarce environment.
Padang Meha Golf Course Malaysia Golf course spread out over 3 different watersheds. The study was critical in determining the configuration of the lake transfer system.
Paradise Bay Golf Course Batam, Indonesia Pioneer golf course in Batam Indonesia. Integrated irrigation pump system designed to collect water from different watersheds.
Ria Bintan Golf & Beach Resort Bintan, Indonesia Originally intended to be a 54 hole golf course, our water management study demonstrated that the site was not capable of supporting this many holes. This study contributed to the eventual development of the site as a 27 hole golf course.
Seletar Country Club Singapore Water management study to ensure self-sufficiency with their water capturn and storage system.
Singapore Island Country Club - New Course Singapore Water management study to determine best management practices to ensure efficient, and flexible managagement of the irrigation system.
Southlinks Country Club Batam, Indonesia Water management study confirming viability of lake system and design of water transfer system.
Summit Point Golf Course Philippines Water management analysis.
Tamarin Golf Course Batam, Indonesia Re-design of lake water circulation system to minimise power use and lower initial capital cost of construction.
Tanjong Putri Golf Resort Johor, Malaysia 54 holes of golf with 3 irrigation pump stations integrated over different watersheds.
Tanah Merah Country Club Singapore 36 holes of golf. Managing the transition to self-sufficiency in water supply.
True North Golf Course Philippines Water management analysis.
Warren Golf Course Singapore Urban golf course. Water management study to determine dependency of drawing water from reservoir and determine feasibility of alternatives.